If you like to explore and want to see more, here are some suggestions of interesting destinations for one-day or half-day excursions.
Please keep in mind that time estimations are calculated for ideal traffic situation. During summer season the roads tend to be more crowded (especially on Saturdays), so the time needed may vary.


krk_vrbnik1ISLAND KRK

cca. 15-20 min by car (from our house to the bridge)



The lazy giant laying across the sea that you’ll see from Selce is island Krk, in ancient times known as the “Golden Island”. It may well be because of it’s other beauties, but if you drive across the island just before sundown and see it’s green valleys covered with olive trees and read more...

vineyards bathed in golden light, you won’t search for another explanation…
Krk is very easy to reach. The bridge connecting the island to the mainland is only 15-20 minutes away by car from our house. On the island you can visit many picturesque old towns like Vrbnik, Baška, the city of Krk – each beautiful in their own way, or you can choose between many beaches, 14 of which proudly fly the Blue Flag. Klimno bay, only 40 minutes by car form Selce, even has a healing mud beach, ideal also for children. There are also daily excursions to Krk by boat, starting from Selce harbor.


cres_lubenice1ISLAND CRES

50 – 60 min from our house to the port Valbiska on island Krk, where you can take a ferry to Cres



Peeking shyly over the shoulder of Krk lays another beautiful island  – Cres. Further away, harder to reach and less inhabited, Cres has a special kind of mystic in the air. The home to the last Eurasian griffons, adriatic seals and dolphins, Cres still withstands the rush of civilization…read more...

Dreamy paths through fairy-tale woods of giant oaks can lead you to a breathtaking sights of the sea. Or you could find a completely abandoned old villages, dreaming peacefully on a sunny glade, with a chair here, a pot there and even some old family photo – as if all the villagers suddenly disappeared in the mist. It doesn’t surprise at all that some inhabitants on this island still use methods of protection against fairies and their tricks!


UNESCO World Heritage!

Cca. 2 hours 15 min by car, whole day excursion



The astonishing beauty of 16 lakes connected with myriad of waterfalls, water cascades, small rivers and creeks is difficult to describe. The lakes shimmer in beautiful nuances of aquamarine, and as you pass by, you can count numerous fish through crystal-clear water. read more...

The untouched nature, breathtaking sights and continues sound of water around you  are going to make you feel like you landed on a different planet…Unique and definitely worth seeing!



cca. 2 hours 10 min

Whole day excursion



The paradise for hikers, mountain-bikers and all those who prefer intact natural surroundings where you can experience the charm of pristine wilderness. You will be able to choose from over 30 mountain trails that run through different landscapes offering you countless read more...

possibilities for exploring the region. Almost all of the trails lead to mountain peaks that afford magnificent views of the sea, the Adriatic islands and the inland region of Lika.



cca. 1 hour 30 min

Whole day excursion


Another great destination for nature lovers! A natural bond between the Alps and Balkan mountains, the most beautifully expressed phenomenon of karst sinkhole vegetation, Risnjak Park is a strong climate and vegetation barrier between costal and continental Croatia. Together read more...

with the Risnjak and Snježnik massifs, the Park includes a hydrogeomorfological natural monument – the Kupa River spring and its upper flow, and is still a home for all three large European animals: bear, wolf and lynx.



cca. 1 hour 15 min by car

Whole day excursion



Kuterevo is a small picturesque village on Velebit mountain that became known for it’s somewhat unusual residents – brown european bears. Baby bears who lost their mothers but were lucky enough to be found and brought here are raised in a safe environment by human read more...

bear-friends and – surprisingly – foster parent dogs! Today there are 10 bears in the refuge. You can visit, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the place, meet the bears, hear their stories and leave richer for one experience and with a softer heart for animals that share our world…




5 km from Selce




Only 5 km form Selce lays Novi Vinodolski – a picturesque little town with a rich past. Built in the 13th century by Croatia’s most powerful noble family of Frankopan and the home to the oldest written Law Codex in Slavic languages, this town offers a lot to see: the dilapidated walls of the Lopsica Roman fortress,


the ruins of the former Pauline monastery, the Frankopan castle with its tower, the cathedral, the church of the Holy Trinity and the church of St. Marin on the small island of the same name, the house of the Mažuranić brothers, the public reading room and library from 1845, the local museum, Turnac town gallery, the unique Glass Chapel…or you can simply take a stroll through the lovely narrow streets of the old town and enjoy a cappuccino on the beach!




40 min (50 km) by car from Selce





Already a fashionable holiday destination in the 19th century, visited regularly by Austrian imperial family and nobility, Opatija’s rich history can be witnessed in it’s architecture. It will charm you with it’s beautiful luxury hotels and villas from “Belle Epoche”, embraced by lush parks and gardens, the old read more...

town and a 12 km-long promenade along the entire riviera, the famous Lungomare, starting from Volosko, via Opatija, to Lovran. The botanical garden Angiolina contains many species of plants from all over the world. In many Opatija’s restaurants you can enjoy the finest tastes of the county. This true gem of Adriatic is a must-see while you are here!

  • The old 14th-century Benedictine abbey (Opatija Sv. Jakova)
  • Saint James’s church, built in 1506
  • The neo-Romanesque Church of the Annunciation
  • Museum Villa Angiolina




35 min (45 km) by car from Selce





The small medieval town high up in the hill over Rijeka is easy to reach. Follow the road signs and choose exit Rijeka-west (Kastav), and you’ll find yourself back in time! The history of Kastav dates back to prehistoric times, read more...

which is borne out by numerous archaeological finds. A valuable archaeological site is the Illyrian necropolis found in the valley at the foot of the town. It is where the Iapodes, one of the Illyrian tribes, buried their deceased. Kastav was fortified with a medieval wall with nine towers situated on a 365m high hill. Throughout history, it has been an administrative, commercial and cultural hub of Istria and Primorje. Valuable monuments preserved to this day witness the medieval liveliness of the Kastav area. Among them are the town’s Kaštel, the Municipal Loggia, the Volta (arched doorway), The Parish Church of Saint Jelena Krizarica, Lokvina square, the remains of the Crekvina and the Church of the Holy Trinity and a number of ornaments embedded in the nucleus of the town.




30 min (37 km) by car from Selce





Not a typical tourist destination but a bustling town, attracting visitors with its fascinating history and remarkable architecture, Rijeka is the principal seaport and the third largest city in Croatia.read more...

Historically, because of its strategic position and its excellent deep-water port, the city was fiercely contested, especially among Italy, Hungary, and Croatia, changing hands and demographics many times over centuries. Apart from Croatian, the population also uses its own unique version of the Venetian language (Fiumano), with an estimated 20,000 speakers among the autochtone Croats and various minorities. You can visit the most important Croatian pilgrimage centre, Our Lady’s sanctuary of Trsat, the castle from where you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the city and the the elegant pedestrian street Korzo. Rijeka is also home to the famous Carnival of Rijeka – the 3rd largest Carnival of the world, included by Sunday Times among the  24 Most Exotic World Events. So make sure not to miss it! www.rijecki-karneval.hr/en/